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Quote (Calilasseia @ Nov. 27 2013,19:03)
Since this thread is about 'Clast, a little "heads up" for those unaware of the finer points of his history ...

[1] Over at the now-defunct RDF, he erected over 90 sock puppets to try and circumvent the ban he earned there as a result of multiple instances of discoursive criminality in violation of the FUA there;

[2] He repeated this pattern of behaviour (though with considerably lower fecundity) over at Rational Skepticism;

[3] He has certain traits that can be searched for with respect to his post content, which immediately make seasoned veterans of combat with him smell the odour of socks, if another unheralded user suddenly starts deploying similar post mannerisms.

He also possesses a truly enormous ego. But then, so does Dembski.

Given this previous aetiology, it's worth watching out for this over at other places such as PT.

You're trying to teach a Dasypeltis scabra to suck eggs.

The readers at PT are eternally vigilant (or, at least, suspicious) and when Atheistoclast turns up it's never very long before he hears "Tritt, tritt, trott" on his bridge.

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