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  Topic: Atheistoclast Discussion, Discussion of Bizarre Info Theory notion< Next Oldest | Next Newest >  

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I find that the profound stupidity of Atheistoclast just makes him yet another "scientific" Creationist loon. Look at how he responded to me:


You are even dumber than I thought. LOL! Ever heard of mudskippers?

Yeah…they have fins and not legs. Indeed, I would contend that the mudskipper shows the impossibility of the fin to pod transition because it needs its fins when it returns to water. They also need their fins with which to “skip” on land. As I say, I haven’t seen any evidence that there ever existed half fin - half pod structures that would not have been useful at all. I suppose you are also going to bring up the “lungfish” next time round?


Try googling “Oliver the ‘Humanzee’”, you idiot! He was actually an ordinary chimp that happened to be able to walk upright, just as our pre-human ancestors would have done. Yet he was a perfectly functioning animal in all other respects.

Trust you to bring up a circus trick animal. Shows how much you know or care about science.

Chimpanzees cannot walk upright as we do - they cannot lock their knees in place. Bonobos can typically walk upright for a short distance before they get tired and have to return to knuckle-walking.


They don’t have the pelvis, spine, inner ear, humeral-femural index, feet and many other features that make obligate bipedalism possible. So, we are *obligate* bipeds whereas chimps and bonobos can only do so for short periods of time. They prefer to knuckle-walk and brachiate.

All genes (and protiens) are made from parts of DNA (and amino acids), which are in turn made from atoms.

You don’t say? Where did the *specific* arrangement of amino acids in these molecules come from? Trial and error?


Look who’s talking! You haven’t made a credible argument here yet, and we have just been laughing at you like hyenas.

Yes…I bet you sound just like a hyena.

If you need a man-made book to beleive in a God who is said to have created the universe, of what value is your faith? You might as well worship an idol.

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