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Quote (mrg @ Jan. 25 2011,10:18)
Do ya'll get a bit annoyed when you hear the term "information" being bandied around these days?  It's been so thoroughly used to generate bafflegab that it immediately suggests somebody's up to no good.  These days I find that "functionality" works better for evosci discussions.

Pity, it used to be a perfectly good word.  Alas, much the same could be said for "complexity".

Do ya'll get a bit annoyed when you hear the term "information" being bandied around these days?

Performing meaningectomy on important words is a core process in any propaganda/disinformation campaign.  cf "patriotic" or "liberal" or "freedom".

FWIW, a block of instruction on control systems  a long while back propounded this hierarchy:

data (raw):       Analog-to-Digital Channel 6 value is now 776
data (cooked):  Temp sensor channel 6:  325 degrees F.

data + context -> information:
   Oven 3 chamber temperature is now 325 F.

information + context -> knowledge:
   Oven 3 is within band (320 - 330).

knowledge + history -> understanding:
   Oven 3 is within band but temp is dropping
   at 0.2 degrees per minute.

understanding + experience may beget wisdom:
   fuel flow to Oven 3 should be increased by 2.5%.

None of the definitions are canonical outside of that context, but they are reasonably coherent.

You are not only insisting that "I poked a badger with a spoon" would  be a good example of "an original sin", you're arguing it with  an archbishop.
     -- seebs to atheistoclast

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