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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 25 2011,20:23   

[quote=Kris,Jan. 25 2011,10:55][/quote]
Kris, can you show where anyone posted YOUR phone number, home address, or anything else you consider personal info here or in PT? Can you show where anyone threaten to call your wife, or any other relative of yours, and tell him or her lies about you?

Because you are indeed a liar, Kris, and you have been lying outright and constantly since you barged into here and possibly since you showed up in PT back in late November. You constantly hold on (at least in public) to those pathetic, baseless delusions about yourself, about science, and about us and spit them out over and over for no other reason than because you think you can get away with it.

"Right back at you." is for grade school punks who are too stupid to come up with a credible argument.

It is not our responsibility to treat you nice when you keep acting like a total @$$hole. If you had come to us nearly three months ago with a different attitude (like that of flowersfriend, to be precise), you'd still be posting in PT now and some of us might even consider you a friend. But you blew it and we all saw you crash and burn. And you have not learned a single thing. In you mind, you have all the answers and are superior to the rest of us. Well, you don't and you are not.


You keep proving my point about what hypocrites you are.

You said: "If you want to really affect change, then meeting people halfway, being tactful, polite, and arguing with logic and evidence is the best way to go."

You might want to actually do that then. Most of the people on this site, Panda's Thumb, Pharyngula, etc., are about as far from that as it's possible to be.

You said; "This is 100% about how you act."

Actually, it's 100% about how you and most others here act, and many of you have been doing it for years. Your words are here for anyone to see ya know, whether they ever respond to you or not. Remember what I said about a billboard in your front yard?

You said: "You could take the high road, but you haven't yet. I suspect it's because you have no argument, you just want to whine.  So far, you have doing nothing to show my assumptions about you are false."

Right back at you.

You said: "There's a big difference between what YOU think and reality."

Right back at you.

You said: "We don't like to have thousands of scientists and researchers who have devoted their lifes to learning and knowledge be told that they can't do their work anymore by a 2-bit internet troll."

Where did I say or even imply that scientists can't do their work anymore?

You said: "How you act is up to you."

Right back at you.

You said: "You could rise above all this and present your arguments, present your evidence and if we don't like it, then you can go away with pride that you tried your best."

Well, you could rise above all this and present your arguments, present your evidence and if the religious zealots don't like it, then you can go away with pride that you tried your best.

By the way, my pride is perfectly intact, no matter what happens here.

If you need a man-made book to beleive in a God who is said to have created the universe, of what value is your faith? You might as well worship an idol.

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