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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 23 2011,00:04   

Quote (Kris @ Jan. 22 2011,20:19)
Just a few things about the link and the "history": several posts at that link were not made by me, even though my name is on them. The history goes back further than that page.

Do you guys really want to see "psycho"? If so, take a good look at Dale's blog.

And then there's:

So I have a unique personality and opinions about lots of subjects. So fuking what?! I didn't know having a mind of my own instead of always nodding in total agreement with you was so offensive to you, Kris!

And of course, this is more proof that you HAVE been cyberstalking me.

If you need a man-made book to beleive in a God who is said to have created the universe, of what value is your faith? You might as well worship an idol.

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