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Alan Fox

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Many of you regularly argue that ID and creationism and religion in general don't have a satisfactory 'replacement' for the theory of evolution or just about any other aspect of science.

"Creationism and religion in general" encounter difficulties when claims are made that contradict observed reality. Galileo's observations brought him into conflict with the Catholic church but his observations were real and repeatable. The Catholic church dogma had to change to accommodate reality. Similarly, the age of the Earth is fairly well established at around 4.5 billion years. Common descent has recently been reinforced by comparing DNA and observing the nested hierarchy of homologies. Make reality-based claims and you can expect to be challenged if they don't match the evidence.

(Some) ID proponents make claims about reality. One claim I want to test is whether there is a 'replacement' for any aspect of evolutionary theory. Is there a theory of ID?

ETA recently

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