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MadPanda, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 22 2011,22:29   

Quote (qetzal @ Jan. 22 2011,22:11)
They're welcome to think it as much as they like. As long as they're not trying to get their opinions taught as legitimate scientific theories, or trying to force others to pretend their opinions are anything more than that, their beliefs don't bother me at all.

There you go, being all reasonable and stuff.  You guys know that makes JoeyKris's head go kablooey, and we can't have the precious little moppet throwing his tantrums over nothing.

After all, we're the ones obsessed and just as bad as the fundamentalists and like that.  He says so, ergo it must be true!


Like a brick wall, that boy.

The MadPanda, FCD

"No matter how ridiculous the internet tough guy, a thorough mocking is more effective than a swift kick to the gentleman vegetables with a hobnailed boot" --Louis

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