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Quote (Kris @ Jan. 21 2011,09:04)
Science cannot prove that intelligent design or creation, of the universe or biological organisms or their building blocks, are or were impossible.

Proving or disproving the existence of a god or an "intelligent designer" is not the goal of Science.  The goal of Science is to understand the world as it is based on a preponderance of evidence.  The weight of that evidence built over the last couple of centuries has supported a 13+ billion year old universe, a 4+ billion year old earth, and the evolution of life on this planet over it's long existence.  It also supports the idea that humans are related to all other life forms on this planet, and that our closest living kin are probably chimpanzees.

If you have evidence to dispute any of this that can stand up to scientific scrutiny you are welcome to present it here.

"[A scientific theory] describes Nature as absurd from the point of view of common sense. And it agrees fully with experiment. So I hope you can accept Nature as She is - absurd."
- Richard P. Feynman

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