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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 21 2011,08:20   

Quote (Kris @ Jan. 21 2011,08:04)
Science cannot prove that intelligent design or creation, of the universe or biological organisms or their building blocks, are or were impossible.

Correct.  Science cannot prove that an undetectable being of infinite power (Ubip) did something and then perfectly covered up her tracks.

Science cannot prove that Ubip is not going to turn the soap in your bathroom into the most delicious and nutritious food overnight.  Despite that, how many people do you know who try taking a bite out of their bar of soap every morning, just in case?

Science works within limits, which is part of what gives it its power to explain things within those limits.  A Ubip is outside the limits of science so the actions of the Ubip, or similar, are not susceptible to scientific enquiry.


The ultimate truth is that there is no ultimate truth.

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