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Quote (Bob O'H @ Oct. 18 2017,09:15)
My take is that Bechly is nowhere near as notable as me(*), there isn't a wikipedia page about me, and quite frankly I don't see why there should be. He's got a moderate publication record, and was at a small local museum in Germany.

I also agree with Wes that his notability is based on his anti-ID work. It's also worth pointing out that he flagged his page for deletion a decade ago. So if it hasn't been deleted, then someone presumably thinks Wes is more notable than me. Which is fair enough.

(*) go on, stroke my ego by asking for my achievements.

Hey, whatever you care to share about your work would be appreciated.

Insperperation it's 98 percent of work, something ID fails by a large margin except when it comes to bitching. All the chaffing in the barn down on the plantation results only in horse shit.

I rarely insperspire now. It's too cold in Trondheim, where I live now. Mind you, the view from my office isn't bad.

At the start of the year I moved to Trondheim to become a professor of statistics. I think this means I can't be fired for staring out of the window all day.

It can't be all that bad; I breathed both in and out there from my birth in 1930 and even on my visits there earlier this year. I think the beauty of the city and the landscape Byåsen more than compensate for the sub-subtropic climate.

I am quite familar with the building pictured; working at a place with one of the two Ozalid copying machines in the town in the late 1940's, I rode my bicycle between the shop in the city and up there every day with mostly students drawings in a tubular container on my back.

BTW, we did a lot of copying of drawings for entrepeneur Zager und Woerner for the U-boot bunker Dora2. They even gave us a brand new copying machine near the end of the war.

Rocks have no biology.
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