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Wesley R. Elsberry

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 16 2017,02:07   

Klinghoffer's hurt over at EN&V because I appear in Wikipedia and one of their guys is having issues there.

If Klinghoffer wanted to know about "notability" and Wikipedia, he could have consulted Wikipedia. Ironically, Klinghoffer bringing up my name (again) on EN&V adds another data point for my notability.

And Klinghoffer's sneering is, as usual, off the mark. I have a track record in marine biology that is itself not erased because I have changed my career path. Besides collaborating in published research, this includes professional recognition by the Society for Marine Mammalogy and professional involvement in a NOAA workshop on harm to cetaceans from Navy SONAR. It's almost as if Klinghoffer is assuming that whatever place you end up is the only place you ever could have been, which would probably discomfit any number of DI Fellows were it to be applied uniformly and without hypocrisy.  

Additionally, if Klinghoffer had bothered to examine the "Talk" tab for my Wikipedia page, he might have seen that I had noted my change in employment there quite some time ago. It isn't as if I have been keeping it a secret known only to people who can visit LinkedIn. And property managers are noting my current employer, thanks. At least some small part of that has to do with my bringing evolutionary computation to analysis and forecasting there.

ETA: Point on hypocrisy.

Edited by Wesley R. Elsberry on Oct. 16 2017,08:04

"You can't teach an old dogma new tricks." - Dorothy Parker

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