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Glen Davidson

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(Permalink) Posted: June 22 2012,18:04   

Quote (MichaelJ @ June 22 2012,17:44)
Quote (Dr. Jammer @ June 22 2012,09:42)
Quote (olegt @ June 21 2012,17:00)
I'll take it as a yes, Jared. Thanks for playing.

Bonus question: what do you make of the folks at BioLogos? Are they a bunch of atheists?

Worldview preferences strongly dictate both sides of the debate, although I believe they're stronger with Darwinists. After all, I've seen many valid pro-I.D. arguments regarding the origin of life, all while Darwinists simply assert that their view, abiogenesis, must be true because design must be false.

One side, the I.D. side, is arguing via logic and evidence. The other side is arguing via fallacious question begging -- the result of being motivated to dogmatism by their worldview.

So Jammer is saying that the thousands of Hindu biologists in India and Muslem Biologists in Indonesia, Shinto biologists in Japan and Christian Biologists in America are dogmatic while a handful of American Fundamentalists are driven by logic and evidence. FAIL

Why yes, only open minds consider the particularist point of view based on revelation (to be serious) that has no evidence for it to be the best answer to the questions posed by life.

Only bigoted points of view fall for universalist, evidence-based answers.  Pathetic level of detail and all.

Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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