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Tracy P. Hamilton

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(Permalink) Posted: June 22 2012,16:46   

Quote (olegt @ June 21 2012,16:00)
Quote (Dr. Jammer @ June 21 2012,15:23)
Quote (olegt @ June 21 2012,13:00)

Tell me, from the bottom of your heart, this is what ID boils down to: "we are not apes," isn't it? You, guys, don't give a shit about the tree of life. At the end of the day, it's about the special creation of humans. Did I get it right?

I.D. boils down to, "we are not apes," to the same degree that Darwinism boils down to, "God does not exist."

I'll take it as a yes, Jared. Thanks for playing.

Bonus question: what do you make of the folks at BioLogos? Are they a bunch of atheists?

Dr. Jammer is so good at playing dumb, he should receive an Oscar.

A simple, straightforward question, is the Biologos bunch atheists.

If so, then why do they pretend otherwise?

If not, Dr. Jammer is proven to be "mistaken" about "Darwinism = no God".

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