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Quote (sparc @ Jan. 19 2012,21:16)
It is quite long, not new but does anybody understand the comments from the audience during Robert Marks' talk on information, genetic algortims, Avida and weasel?

I suspect it is another manifestation of Bob Marks' juvenile sense of humor.  He is not giving this lecture to a live audience, so he's probably filling in what he imagines is going through the minds of his target audience.  If so, he obviously doesn't think much of the intellectual capabilities of his audience, or maybe those are the thoughts that go through his mind.
It kind of follows along the lines of those disturbing drawings of "people" that he populates his slides with.  I have a very hard time looking at those. The artwork is so starkly ugly, they remind me of adolescent male pen-and-ink doodling.  And then he puts the same cartoon on several successive slides, like he's proud to show them off.  They make me wince, and want to look away.

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