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...God too has characteristics that you might not expect. Among them is the quality, surprising to find in the transcendent source of all existence, of being rather shy...


We're talking about the Great White Sky-Dude who tossed Adam and Eve out of Eden for disobeying orders, who turned people into pillars of salt for looking at him the wrong way, who wiped out whole cities and races because they wouldn't grovel before him and who finally drowned out almost all life on Earth in an amazing fit of pique.

"Shy" is not the first word that comes to mind to describe him.

By no means does nature hit you over the head and shout "I am designed! There is a designer! And the designer's name is the LORD!"

Really?  Are you serious?  The whole case for design in Nature from Paley onwards has been that it's so blatantly obvious that only a fool could deny that it screams out for explanation.

Someone needs to have a quiet word with Corporal Klinghoffer about staying on-message.

They can never tire of boisterously waving Judge Jones in our face.

That's because before the trial we heard a lot of bluster along the lines of

I therefore await the day when the hearings are not voluntary but involve subpoenas that compel evolutionists to be deposed and interrogated at length on their views.


What I propose, then, is a strategy for interrogating the Darwinists to, as it were, squeeze the truth out of them.

But all we actually heard at Dover then is what we've heard from the DI ever since - the sound of pips squeaking.

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