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Glen Davidson

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Quote (keiths @ Dec. 06 2011,20:37)
Klinghoffer goes on to explain that God's shyness is the reason that the evidence for intelligent design is so, shall we say, understated:
...God too has characteristics that you might not expect. Among them is the quality, surprising to find in the transcendent source of all existence, of being rather shy...

This may explain a lot of things. For example, why so much of the Bible gives a superficial impression of simplicity, even primitiveness or dry legalism. Impatient readers assume that's all there is to it, never realizing what lies beneath the surface but that can only be uncovered by subtle probing of hints and nuances, hidden and delicate pointers that give way suddenly, unexpectedly on limitless vistas of wisdom from another world.

It may explain too why the historical redemption that Jews and Christians wait for is so long in coming. A situation where all of mankind turns its eyes to you, fully revealed, is not a prospect that a shy deity would necessarily want to see rushed to fruition.

It may, finally, explain why the evidence of nature's design is elusive to lots of people. Often we wonder why Darwinists can never seem to get it. They champ and cry and try to shout us down with taunts that we are "creationists." They can never tire of boisterously waving Judge Jones in our face.

The signature in the cell, in the genetic code, in protein synthesis, in what Behe calls irreducibly complex features of biology, in the Cambrian explosion and the rest of the fossil record, in cosmology, in individual types of creatures -- from butterfly metamorphosis to the history of whale evolution -- whatever piece of the argument for intelligent design that you want to think of, it is all very lightly imprinted. The "signature" is in a sense misnamed because you can't make out the name of the signer. It takes patience and study to see any of this...

By no means does nature hit you over the head and shout "I am designed! There is a designer! And the designer's name is the LORD!"

No, oddly enough it hits you over the head and says life evolved without intelligent direction.

But if you properly "prepare" your mind to "accept" design, you can always close your eyes and mind to the evidence of evolution, and say that it was all designed.

Exactly why the Lord of Truth would make minds that "work" like that isn't clear, however God's shyness no doubt explains that, too.

Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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