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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 03 2011,16:18   

Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Feb. 02 2011,17:56)
The time has come to examine EN&V's initial foray into the wilds of open comments.

Following a flurry of pro-ID regulars discussing a point irrelevant to the OP, I posted a comment. Flannery responded by counting the ways in which my argument miscarried (4). I responded...

And that's it. Flannery didn't seem to have much stomach for defending his thesis once challenged, never responded further, and now the thread is closed.

And regretted, one expects, as I don't see any other threads in which comments are open.

Ah, the wonderful world of facts! Speaks louder than the most vociferous creationist.

Not only does life not need special intervention by a Creator God, it is a natural, emergent expression of the routine creativity of the universe.
                                                          Stuart A. Kauffman

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