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Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 26 2010,17:29)
Be it resolved religion is a force for good in the world...

Just the general (and rather vague) category of religion? Not a specific religion, let alone a specific branch of whichever one is under discussion?

Seems to me that an argument for or against "religion is force for good" would have to address a specific religion; otherwise there would be too many exceptions for the argument to get anywhere.


You also need to be specific as to what "a force of good" means.  Does that mean it is all what is commonly perceived as good, or does it count if there is good and bad, but overall it leans one way or another?  What is also considered good in one culture or context might not be in another.  Such arguments as these are fairly meaningless, IMO,  although they can be fun to listen to or participate in.

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