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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 02 2010,15:05   

Quote (steve_h @ Nov. 01 2010,20:14)
Thanks everyone. But this post is wrong in some of the particulars

1) That's not my birthday.
2) I'm not 49
3) I'm hardly a forum legend:
- I've written fewer than 500 comments. RH manages more than that in a slow week.
- My comments have sparked little interest. Even O'Leary's dreariest efforts tend to do better.
- Heck, the regulars don't even insult my mum (sniff).

ETA: Kattarina's piccy isn't far off the mark though.

I shall take these point by point:

1) And? Excuse for a piss up. Deal with it. Happy birthday for whenever it was.

2) You're even OLDER? Crikey! That's nearly as old as Reciprocating Bill, and he's over 50.

3) If Carlson says you are a legend, you are a legend. Deal with that too. Otherwise he'll do to you what he does to horses....and that's too horrible to contemplate.*

3 subsection 1) Size is not everything. As your mother told Carlson.

3 subsection 2) We are all interested in your comments. That thing you did that time was very interesting.

But seriously, you ARE interesting. Sorry. That's probably a bad thing given that O'Leary's output also raises interest.

3 subsection 3) We will insult your mum when it's appropriate. Size of contribution is not a factor. We just have to be sure that you are ok with mum jokes. As you are sad that people have not abused your mother, we can take that as a sign that it's open season on your mum....

....well it's always been open season on your mum, but that's a different story.


*Unless you like that kind of thing, in which case, go to it! You have our full support.

P.S. I am not baking you a cake until you tell us your real birth date. Hell this probably isn't even your real mother I'm insulting.


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