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Quote (prong_hunter @ Oct. 31 2010,22:30)
IBIG said on Panda's Thumb, Sept. 4 2010:
"Many here state that logic is a convention or a construct of man, so now let me ask these two questions:"
"Is big bang a convention or construct of man?"
"Is evolution a convention or construct of man? "

"I knew when I asked the questions about logic, that those here would state that logic was a convention or construct of man, which is what I really wanted to hear. I gave you all many opportunities to state otherwise, but to no avail. Now that you have stated that logic is a convention and construct of man, you must admit that big bang and evolution are a convention of man."

"Logic is absolute and not a construct of man, because before man gave a name to the law of non-contradiction it still existed. "

"It did not need a system to define it for it to have existed, the law of non-contradiction is absolute."

"'I am a man, and I am not a man' is this logical? would there be a lie somewhere in that statement, yet if we used fuzzy logic it would be valid, because it would not be completely wrong, at least 50% of the statement is correct."

"Godís logic will always lead to the truth!"

And on Sept. 7:
"Iíve not finished with logic yet, just wait and see!!! Be prepared!!!"

Are you ready for some fun?

IBIG will teach you his "God's logic".

Not the "logic" argument!  There has to be an apologetics bingo somewhere (nothing on the first two pages of a google search, maybe further in?).  I can never understand how people can mix the descriptions we make about something (such as codifying the "laws of logic", so to speak, with the reality of such a thing.  There are logical absolutes that are a property of reality (as we have come to understand it).  These seem to be part of what is - there isn't any need to explain them, as far as I can tell.  But some people want explanations.

I can't figure out why some people, who want absolutes, believe that the things they want as unchanging are at the whim of their god.  "Logic comes from God" - who, by the way, can change it any time he feels like, which is ok, since he has all the power and gets to say what is what, what is just, and what the heck we have to do to stay on his good side or be tortured forever...


"Just think if every species had a different genetic code We would have to eat other humans to survive.." : Joe G

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