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Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 31 2010,21:20)
Quote (Badger3k @ Oct. 31 2010,20:59)
You guys weren't kidding.  Wow.  At least, from what I've read or skimmed so far, he hasn't started posting YouTube videos.

You mean recently?

That was his favorite tactic.  He'd disappear for two or three days when we really had him nailed to a tree (as it were), then reappear, post a totally unrelated youtube link and ask "So what about this?"

At which point, half of the group would fisk the hell out of the video, while the other half kept asking him about the previous discussion topic.

I doubt he will join this discussion. Assuming that he isn't a troll, and is sincere, then this forum is not public enough for him. He acts like a street preacher, and if he is real, probably thinks that he is witnessing and will turn souls to Christ. He is not interested in debate or truth -- only casting doubt and spreading the Gospel. Notice how every 20 pages or so he would revert to quoting scriptures?

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