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It is extremely contradictory to make any claims that I, or anyone else is wrong about anything, because most if not all of you donít accept that absolutes exist. You would also have to accept that there is no right or wrong answer or position about anything. Iím sorry but your worldview is irrational.

I think it was Isaac Asimov who wrote that primitive people thought the earth was flat. They were wrong. Later, people thought the earth was spherical. They were also wrong, but MUCH closer. There are degrees of wrong. A worldview that holds that every claim must be absolutely right or absolutely wrong is inherently unable to distinguish the difference between a flat earth (wrong) and a spherical earth (wrong).

The scientific enterprise, considered altogether, is a method of approximating an understanding of reality, more and more accurately all the time. BUT one of the presumptions of science is that "perfectly, completely right" simply cannot exist. ALL scientific theories can be improved in some way, in principle.

So while there may be "no right or wrong answer or position about anything", there IS a vast gulf between unbelieveably stupidly wrong despite all available evidence, and "as close as we can get considering all currently available evidence." Claiming these are the same is one of those positions that is stupidly wrong, not even close.

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