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Texas Teach

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 29 2010,17:19   

Quote (MichaelJ @ Oct. 28 2010,22:27)
Happy Birthday. I met some Texans in the 1980's when Aussies where the flavour of the month. The line that has stayed with me is when one of them said to us "Y'all sure talk funneh"

That reminds me of the time I was part of a group of Unitarian teenagers who traveled to Boston. (Kind of a "look kids, liberals who don't have to wear fake glasses/mustaches" trip).  While at a Red Sox game we had a lovely chat with the locals in the outfield during a rain delay.  A friend of mine told them he wished he had their accents.  On of the guys responded in what I had always assumed previously was what actors did to exaggerate the Boston accent, "Nah, keep what you've gaht".

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