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Reciprocating Bill

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Quote (Badger3k @ Oct. 23 2010,18:21)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Oct. 23 2010,16:46)
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Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Oct. 23 2010,11:29)
Quote (Louis @ Oct. 23 2010,08:43)
Bullshit! The universe was created Last Thursday as any fool knows.

You're all heretics who will suffer the agonies of being encased in ear wax for all eternity in the belly button of the Ineffable Wardrobe.


I didn't realize Fringe is broadcast in the UK.

Fringe? The Wardrobe points to him being a Lewisite of the Narnianist Sect.

Yes, but the wardrobe connects to a parallel universe...and "encased in earwax" is as Fringe as it gets.

Ah, then I'll take your word for it. I watched one episode of Fringe, thought it was so-so science fiction (I was hoping for a more x-files show rather than an alternate-Earth series - the cybernetics gave that away), and have not watched any more. Seeing the coming attractions has actually lessened my desire to watch the show.

Fringe was downright silly the first season (it began life as a "weird event of the week" show) and I lost interest - they were very slow to disclose (or cook up) the parallel universes backstory. It's actually hit its stride this season and has become more interesting and clever.

Myth: Something that never was true, and always will be.

"The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you."
- David Foster Wallace

"Here’s a clue. Snarky banalities are not a substitute for saying something intelligent. Write that down."
- Barry Arrington

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