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Quote (Kristine @ June 28 2011,19:47)
WHAT? :D Jebus, but you guys have strong stomachs. comments used to be useful. I know one library worker who actually used them instead of the library's catalog to help patrons. Now, thanks to the IDiots, they're about as useful as the Black Dahlia forums.  :angry:

Dunno about the Black Dahlia forums, but yeah, the Amazon forums are a cesspool of idiocy. And this one is gold-plated in that regard!

Kepler has now moved from the looooong posts, which he edited 5-10 times each while waiting for anyone to pay attention to them, to a shorter format. Maybe he thinks that this will make it more onerous to tag his comments as unhelpful.

Or maybe he's off his meds.

At any rate, stop over there anytime and chime in, or vote. It's about the same level of discourse as JoeG's blog, without the heavy-handed moderation, of course.

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