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There's good fun with M. Holcumbrink and Richard Kepler here.

Dick, who has an MA in anthropology (I suspect an "exit" one after flunking the qualifying exam), is in a froth because I've pointed out that Stephen Meyer lied about the nature of peptidyl transferase and lied in an intertwining way about the RNA World hypothesis to make the former lie go down more palatably.

What really has Dick going is that I'm making them look for the relevant data themselves, so they can't dismiss what I tell them using the genetic fallacy.

They're afraid to look for the truth, so please join in the taunting and give them hints, but please don't hand the answers to them on a platter or the fun will be over.

I propose this as a general strategy to deal with denialism, because what underlies denialism is not faith, but fear and a lack of faith.

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