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Peter Henderson

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(Permalink) Posted: July 18 2010,06:04   

On a final note, in every class I've ever taught 90% (or more) of the class was there to learn the material to pass the test and then move on.

Indeed skeptic, that's what I seem to remember about school,even up to third level education (I was one of that 90 % I'm afraid, though I was always keen to learn). In that respect, passing the exams and moving on in third level education was important in that it was a means to getting a job. If you were good at this (i.e. passing the exams and then moving on) you could get a very well paid job. I know this all too well from personal experience.  

Only those few students really wanted to know more and were blessed with that trait that pushed a strong scientific curiosity.

But did they pass the exams ? Ther's absolutely no point in being curious at this stage if you can't pass the tests.

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