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I wonder if that's a case of society outpacing the abilities of its members.  

As the world becomes more complex and technology-dependent, we need more individuals capable of understanding it, but the average kid hasn't become any smarter, or any more motivated to "do science", than they were in 1950.  

The small Canadian town I grew up in in the 70's was still 80% lugnuts and anti-learning.  

Some kids get the message that post-secondary education is vital these days, but they get it too late, or don't realize just how much <i>work</i> it can be.

"But it's disturbing to think someone actually thinks creationism -- having put it's hand on the hot stove every day for the last 400 years -- will get a different result tomorrow." -- midwifetoad

"I am in a rush to catch up with science work." -- Gary Gaulin

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