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Quote (olegt @ May 13 2010,21:56)
The previous ID research journal PCID folded in 2005 after four glorious years.  (Check out this cool article by William Brookfield: In Search of a Cosmic Super-Law: The Supreme “Second law” of Devolution).

The next ID journal JOEI never saw the light of day.  We only knew that its Editor in Chief was supposed to be Gloppy.  Here is the AtBC thread.

Anyway, the shiny new ID journal is BIO-Complexity put together by Biologic Institute.  The Editorial Board involves the usual suspects (including Gloppy).  

Two papers are up: Current volume.  With comments!  The authors and the commenters happen to be members of the editorial board.  Talk about a self-sustaining journal!  

Comment sample:

Reader Comments

Director, The Gene Emergence Project, Department of ProtoBioCybernetics & ProtoBioSemiotics

by David L. Abel (2010-05-12)


Excellent paper.

"Director, The Gene Emergence Project, Department of ProtoBioCybernetics & ProtoBioSemiotics"

Talk about credential embellishment....

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