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Quote (MichaelJ @ April 18 2010,18:44)
FL should realise that if he quotes a creationist he should check the facts as they invariably lie.

I see that FL has run away

It is certainly a form of lying - Bergman went to great lengths to "prove" that gene and genome duplication are the same thing (if only via the most simpleminded 'logic' - the same sort of logic that dictates that a single rain drop is the same thing as a torrential downpour), but using an article that in fact indicated that gene duplication was MORE involved in evolution that whole genome duplication as a source indicting gene duplication is just insane.

I expect such things from Bergman and the 'professional' YECs, but Mellotron/Floyd went way over the top in his defense of Bergman that it just floored me.  He thinks he has proved Bergman correct by quoting peope who merely mention both gene and genome duplication in the same paragraphs, regardless of the context, as indicating that Bergman was right - seemed to me that if they were the same thing, then there is no need to name them independantly -  and THAT is a bit disturbing to me that someone in this world actually thinks and and acts that way.

And votes.

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