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Quote (Doc Bill @ April 01 2010,12:08)

McCormick's Rule clearly states that a player may traverse multiple stations in a single turn if on foot in inclement weather provided the player neither breaks down and cries nor asks for direction, which, as a Real Man I am genetically incapable of either.

But, ha and double ha, the joke's on you as I wend my way to

London Bridge

which falls down less after two pints than Louis!

"and by the time I'm sober I've forgotten what I've 'ad,   and everybody tells me that it's cool to be a cat.."

... but all stations between begin and end walking points, especially in the rain or sleet on slippery sidewalks (double your tokens if you're wearing smooth-soled Oxfords or similar footwear), are still open for play.

This is known as the Slide Rule.


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