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Quote (afarensis @ Mar. 27 2010,00:08)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 26 2010,19:04)
Quote (afarensis @ Mar. 26 2010,23:52)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 26 2010,14:12)
Last Legal Move: Snaresbrook.

Some of you Americans seem to think that Mornington Crescent is somehow like Calvinball, an entirely ruleless and fictional game. Might I remind you that this, like the Wikipedia article, is a distinct falsehood.

The School Cormorant was Rules were handed down to us by the Town of Chipping Sodbury in the 1800s darkest recesses of antiquity. The game has a noble tradition through all civilised nations. Now don't piss me off or I'll insist we play by the rules which operated under Charlemagne, you see if I don't.

Anyway, enough tough love. I shall restart play from Snaresbrook with a move to:



Have we invoked any of the Great Old Ones to devour our opponents? Have tracks been torn up and subway cars been devoured by hideous unnamed evil? Is London still standing (or at least parts thereof)? Then I'd say we Americans have been a little too polite. It's not a proper game of Mornington Crescent unless Shub-Niggurath (bare minimum) has put in an appearance says I.

At any rate:

Pudding Mill Lane

Well I suppose you could always team up with the French and try to "introduce us to democracy" or "instigate regime change".

Actually, that's not a bad idea...


We do have a secret, undercover, disguised agent working on a plan to do just that.

Reasons why I favour a republic instead of a monarchy number 1....



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