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Quote (Tom Ames @ Mar. 26 2010,12:33)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 26 2010,12:12)
Last Legal Move: Snaresbrook.

Some of you Americans seem to think that Mornington Crescent is somehow like Calvinball, an entirely ruleless and fictional game. Might I remind you that this, like the Wikipedia article, is a distinct falsehood.

The School Cormorant was Rules were handed down to us by the Town of Chipping Sodbury in the 1800s darkest recesses of antiquity. The game has a noble tradition through all civilised nations. Now don't piss me off or I'll insist we play by the rules which operated under Charlemagne, you see if I don't.

Anyway, enough tough love. I shall restart play from Snaresbrook with a move to:



Lurkers take note: that's how the game is played. Must be something in that north Wales water...

Realizing I'm probably doomed to lose all my altitude (and possibly my red tokens) I'll risk:

Finchley Road.

(If I can avoid the ol' Spoon, I'll be overjoyed.)

What's the cutoff on ghost stations? '31? '84?

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