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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 26 2010,12:14   

Quote (Amadan @ Mar. 26 2010,09:20)
Overground it is.

Ball's Pond Road.

If any of you lot fancy yourselves as co-parceners you're welcome to enfeoff the turbary rights, but I'll still be in MC before you.

On the 73 or the 476?


OXFORD STREET, ROUTES 73 AND N73: From 0800 Saturday 16 January until December 2010, buses are diverted eastbound between Oxford Circus and Euston Square Station due to works to upgrade Tottenham Court Road Tube station and enabling works for Crossrail. Buses will not serve Tottenham Court Road and Goodge Street stations in this direction. Reported: 24/03/10 12:27 Last Updated: 24/03/10 12:31

So you'd have to pick it up at Kings Cross St. Pancras or Angel.

eta: Either way, we're out of SW without Demarc, thus into Gridlock, matrix is reset (True North), Louis' ullage is revoked (but not expunged).

Still anybody's game.

eta Angel.

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