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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 25 2010,22:25   

Quote (jeffox @ Mar. 25 2010,18:11)
Afarensis wrote:
On the other hand, if the game is over then I will follow the strategy advocated in Thorvald, Ant, Ritenhaus, and Duh's influential and popular Obscene Annotations and Rude Comments on the "Mornington Crescent for Dummies" series and play

Bishops' Stortford

Not so fast. . . . that might work here in the states; but, last I looked, this was INTERNATIONAL MC - you've forgotten about the N'orbelquism addendum.  Makes a difference, eh!

Damn right  it makes a difference!

I'm always worried that invoking the N'o. Ad. makes me look petty and pedantic. Thanks for taking that awkward task on yourself.

ETA: As a public service I've set as my Avatar a reproduction of the 1936 system. Now there's no excuse for trying to shunt out of Knid from Clapham South to Holloway Road. Louis.

Edited by Tom Ames on Mar. 25 2010,21:46

-Tom Ames

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