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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 25 2010,18:20   

Quote (FrankH @ Mar. 25 2010,16:09)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 25 2010,16:44)
Quote (Tom Ames @ Mar. 25 2010,17:49)
Quote (huwp @ Mar. 25 2010,10:33)
Oh well, if Louis' opened up the Masonic pathway then it seems a shame not to use it.

I know it may be seen as radical in the everso stuffy corridors of bah-humbuggery inhabited by Louis, Tom and fnxtr where only Stovold will do (which is roughly equivalent to the King James Version only movement) but the advent of the DLR has added an extra dimension to this game.

So thanks to the Masonic reference of the double pillars of the old Naval College (now University) of Greenwich, I get to leave Knid and outflank the lot of you.

Cutty Sark.


I admire your innovative thinking, but you seem to have forgotten about the five blue tokens pegged at the Euston entrance. Since the public convenience there has been out of order for at least a week (didn't know that, did you?), I get to contra-lateral via Oxford Circus (moving widdershins, of course), which brings me to:

Mornington Crescent!

Nice game, all.
It's this sort of utter disregard for the conventions of Mornington Crescent what causes unrest.

Firstly, trying to move widdershins from Oxford Circus (having left Cutty Sark, which was an inspired move from HuwP, getting himself out of Knid, putting the rest of us in Spoon and changing the laterals to Islets of Langerhans) is a Forbidden Contract under the Great Treaty of 1612 in which, might I remind you we beat the French (always important).

Secondly, the public convenience at Euston has been augmented by the permission of the McDonalds Corporation franchise located nearby in permitting McShits, and even a McShit with Lies*, at all hours. This admirably covers the shitehouse shortfall.

Thirdly, and perhaps most significantly, you have tried to make two moves. You intend to go to Mornignton Crescent via Oxford Circus. That is a move involving two stations. If we could, will-he nill-he, merrily stroll via two stations any time we pleased then anyone one could win the game at any time. It would be like there were no rules at all. This, sir, is an-fucking-outrage!

Fouthly, and above all finally, elevators are wild. If you people cannot incorporate the simplest aspects of the game then I despair, I really do. Perhaps you might find this instructional video of some value.

Since, by sheer dint of luck overcoming judgement (and luckily judgement just loves to be come over), fnxtr has made a legal move to Kensal Rise. We can only thank him for this as otherwise play would have had to be abndoned and a Disquisition would have had to be organised.

Thus I can only move to London Bridge in the hope of restoring some sanity.

FrankH has clearly missed the point and is raving uncontrollably. Shame. It happens to the elderly.


*Engaging in a McShit is the practise of, after an extensive night on the beers, creeping half cut into an early (~6am) McDonalds and taking what can only be described as an epic shite in their freshly cleaned toilets. A McShit with Lies is where, on entering the premises and being caught by an employee, one has to indicate that one will be returning from the shitehouse to purchase breakfast, even though one has no real intention of doing so.

To be or not to be, that is the end game.  Whether the weather cause atmospheric fluctuations in the gyroscope of the panda, the game is still that to which we ignore.

With that farted into the wind, baring a repeal of the redux of the Great Plague of 1944*, the poster to whom I have dedicated this post to has decided that a move from Widdershins from Oxford Circus is forbidden.  We all know that to be utter bunk as the Great Treaty was null and void.

To further stress my point a move from Homerton to Old Street where as one can Abe it up and reminisce how onions were the fashions off of the belt** shows the ideal of the blue haired woman.  It is this blue haired woman who takes leave of her sense and cents and proceeds to find Euro all over her.

Further, the idea that one can't make a two station move means that there is no cheese left in the entirety of the game.  With no cheese, there is no one to cut the cheese and the whole premise falls flat into disuse.

Which requires a new device to complete the journey.  That device, a new compact to help things grow and evolve around the newness of the situation where you find you leave your senses.  Legally speaking, he previous poster is only half right*** but always totally wrong.  To complete this passage, if you will, you would proceed to be a new covenant therefore the correct and only legal move would therefore go to Covenant Garden.

*The Great Plague of 1944 was the start to which many a good Englishman forcefully claims that his dad died fighting Gerry and is most definitely not a by product of a lonely British bird and a horny American GI

**Depending on the local you might find yourself in a full Nelson after leaving the Tube especially if you thought you were riding Bart

***A product of his wit no doubt

Now you're just making shit up.

-Tom Ames

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