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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 25 2010,12:25   

Quote (fnxtr @ Mar. 25 2010,10:07)
Quote (Amadan @ Mar. 25 2010,09:21)
Quote (fnxtr @ Mar. 25 2010,10:57)
Monument?  From Balham?!?!?.

Okay I'm officially lost.  I thought the previous Elephant and Castle play broke the Northern to District/Circle transfer, and jeffox could only reach Monument via Tottenham?

Oh, right, Open Orifice.

Well played, sir!



I don't see your point. Even though it puts him auf der Uhr, he can just take the 137 from Balham to Pim--... oh, shhh... Hospital Proximity!  The Lord Cumberland Incident really buggered things up, didn't it.  Too bad, Chelsea Bridge is usually a good way to filter the upper harmonics.

This should be interesting.

Well, since the diagonal parks have been opened, and reversals have advanced by more than a radian (according to the 1948 London Reconstruction addendum, which I trust we are operating under), this opens up the possibility of negative line velocity. Which means that the earlier play has to be transfigured:

kraP rooM.

-Tom Ames

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