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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 25 2010,10:32   

(This was all pre-empted by Amadan's terse and pithy observations and masterful move. $#!+.)

I thought the Labour Day rule was amended by Cotter's Janus Perspective (adapted from his novel of the same name): within six months of last Labour Day, it's after Labour Day; within six months of next Labour Day, it's before Labour Day.

But you're right, of course, Louis, S-Manifold manipulation is perfectly valid between Vernal Equinox and Easter Sunday, barring annular lunar eclipses (a full eclipse will of course reset the entire matrix).*

So, still Victoria, then, is it?

I've still got the ticket stub from the ViaRail ride down to our lovely namesake town.  That gets me a transfer at Canning Station, by the Greater Commonwealth Reciprocity Treaty (1947) [Section 3, paragraph 6, subheadings i and ii].

Canada Water.  

A bit obvious, perhaps, but I'm a fan of the classics. It worked for McDonald in '83.

*btw we've passed First Quarter and Pleine Lune is the 30th, so if you expect to win in 12, Louis, I suggest a few late-night runs or a chat with the Dispatcher.

p.s. if huwp's Covent Garden play is valid then I opt for DeVito's Short Walk to Blackfriars entrance. I know the station's closed until next year but it's the closest I can get to Mansion House, which I believe has already been played, has it not? (Last I heard Cannon Street is closed after 2100 and on Sundays)

ARGH! Just as I was working it out:

Balham?!? Damn. After all that. I snost, I lost. Sigh.

ETA: Oh hell I was looking at Royal Victoria.  No wonder. Sorry to slow the game down, ladies, I've still only got my green belt.

"[A] book said there were 5 trillion witnesses. Who am I supposed to believe, 5 trillion witnesses or you? That shit's, like, ironclad. " -- stevestory

"Wow, you must be retarded. I said that CO2 does not trap heat. If it did then it would not cool down at night."  Joe G

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