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Quote (huwp @ Mar. 25 2010,13:37)
I know I'm late to this and I know that Louis said that you're using Stovold, but Stovold is often supplemented by Armitage these days - which of course means no Nid.

So, is this game Stovold (pure) or as amended by Armitage?

Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter, I just HATE ending up in Nid.

If I'm not too late to play:

Covent Garden.

Armitage? Part of the Turnwise Schism I see. If you hate Knid so much why have you deliberately played to enter it?

I think you'll find that you need to spend a turn in Knid, you can ask for a Chairman's Ruling, but since Humph is dead, it might take a while or some arcane practises. Appealing to Guest Chairpersons is acceptable.

Rulings have to be signed, in triplicate, returned before they were sent, and laminated in badger sputum before they are considered for acceptance.

Remaining players can move in the interim.



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