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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 24 2010,13:57   

Quote (FrankH @ Mar. 24 2010,18:26)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 24 2010,13:06)
Quote (Amadan @ Mar. 24 2010,17:26)

My God, we've all become LAWYERS!!!!

You take that back!


I'll see you in court.  I'll sue you for every Euro you have.

Maybe you can do some pro bono work for a few "less fortunate" people on this board.

Despite what Arden says I've never done pro-boner work.

Anyway, this is off topic for a thread that is intended to avoid off topicism elsewhere. This is a good thing and possibly recursive. However, since that J-Dog fellow seems keen for play to drift across the Atlantic and BillB is using Fictional Stations (not necessarily a bad thing, but we can discuss the legality of it later) I am forced to bring play back into the Approved Regions by crossing  diagonal and stacking my stations with a Plumbery Shift.

Gloucester Road.



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