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Joe G

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 11 2019,06:48   

Quote (fnxtr @ Sep. 10 2019,22:53)
Quote (Joe G @ Sep. 10 2019,07:12)
Quote (fnxtr @ Sep. 10 2019,08:55)
Quote (Bob O'H @ Sep. 10 2019,00:33)
Quote (Jkrebs @ Sep. 09 2019,22:13)
Ooops: cue BA complaining to Barry about BB in 3, 2, 1...

The bigger question is why your loving god would let hundreds of millions die, and more suffer, because he is so incompetent at getting his objective morality across to us. The way I see it, your god could use a dose of Viagra. If he is not able to get it up, then we have to rise to the occasion and take ownership and accountability of our own morality.


POTW at UD, I think.

The whole comment is wonderful.

Stop, I just can't handle all the SCIENCE!!

You can't handle science, period. It's a safe bet that you don't even know what science entails.

Please, Joe, enlighten me.

Explain what science entails.

Science mandates that the claims being made be testable. Blind watchmaker evolution does NOT make testable claims.

Foe example, no one knows how to test the claim that the genetic code and the system required to carry it out arose via blind and mindless processes.

The same goes for any bacterial flagellum, vision systems- well basically all biological structures and systems.

Chromosomes. are. all. connected. It is one long polymer. Called the DNA. - oleg t

simple English (hint: "equal" and "interchangeable" aren't synonyms)- JohnW

"Genetic mutations are mistakes"- evolutionary biology

"Genetic mutations aren't mistakes"- Intelligent Design and Timothy Horton

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