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Joe G

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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 08 2019,09:30   

Quote (k.e.. @ Aug. 08 2019,09:27)
Quote (Joe G @ Aug. 08 2019,17:23)
Quote (k.e.. @ Aug. 08 2019,09:21)
Quote (Joe G @ Aug. 08 2019,17:04)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Aug. 07 2019,11:52)
I want to hear how Joke tries to claim how Frequency = Wavelength again. That never gets old.

The 630 meter (or 600 meter) amateur radio band is a frequency band...

The wavelength is a frequency.

Can synomoms actually do math?
No wavelength numerical value equals a frequency. Dumbass. Not just that ID celebrity dick sucker. A wave and its adjectives are not a frequency except in mega church basement child abuse shops which you clearly accede to.
Jo3G even you MUST acknowledge that was a moronic statement.

Can evoTARDs actually read? They have semen blasted all over their eyes so it must make it difficult.

Only a complete asshole doesn't understand that wavelength and frequency are interchangeable- just as wikipedia demonstrates. But ke is too chickenshit to respond to what I actually post.

Get ur hats and teeshirts at his underground lair now.

So J03G now that 8chan is down who you gonna shoot?

I semen blasted you, ke. And all you did was shout for moar!

"Genetic mutations are mistakes"- evolutionary biologists

"Genetic mutations aren't mistakes"-ID and Timothy Horton

Whales do not have tails. Water turns to ice via a molecular code-  Acartia bogart, TARD

YEC is more coherent than materialism and it's bastard child, evolutionism

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