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Joe G

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Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ April 23 2019,17:21)
Quote (Texas Teach @ April 23 2019,16:50)
Joe has now filled page after page of his claim that water (by which he means only the liquid phase) obeys gravity because it flows downhill. He uses this effect to claim that a single water molecule is different and “doesn’t obey gravity”.  There are so many things wrong with his argument that we could go on laughing forever.

But here’s one more hilarious dimension to that claim that is wrong.  Joe claim that water flows downhill and thus obeys gravity.  He has, however, forgotten fog.  Fog is a colloid.  It is made up of small drops of liquid water (what Joe insists is the only thing properly called water).  The drops are small enough that they will not settle out of the air when left standing.  They are water (by Joe’s quixotic definition) that doesn’t flow downhill.  Thus, by Joe’s definition, not all water obeys gravity, and that behavior cannot be used to distinguish liquid water from a single molecule.  QED

Here's another reminder of Joke's ignorance:  a video of how water behaves in zero G on board the ISS

Water at Zero G

Oops!  No water flowing downhill.  Looks like Joke was wrong again.   :D

Leave it to Timmy Horton to change the context and think it actually has an argument.

How big of an imbecile are you, timmy?

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