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Quote (fnxtr @ May 09 2019,22:51)
Quote (k.e.. @ May 09 2019,08:20)
Quote (Henry J @ May 07 2019,04:52)
Is that cause he's always wound up?

Tightly sprung? I think he secretly might have sugar in his socks. And he's fond of his mother.Tied up with the wrong crowd. Bends down for complete strangers. Inconsistent.A sunset lover. Smooth elbows. A man with specific mannerisms. Sleeps diagonally. A perplexment. Rides the carousel. An evening botanist. Classically athletic .Fraternally-minded. Wears a light wristwatch.Gives a careful handshake. Gives too much change for a dollar. A fluent swimmer. A keen-eyed birdwatcher

Because he's not even right twice a day.

k.e. are you suggesting ET is...  musical? A confirmed bachelor?

Why did the sperm cross the road?

Because ET put on the wrong socks this morning.

Musical... of course he plays a homophone!
Jo3G put some sugar in your shoes n keep yur shirt tail in.

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