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Joe G

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Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Mar. 16 2019,12:14)
Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 16 2019,12:02)
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Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Mar. 16 2019,10:44)
I think one reason people reject climate change as reality is the way it has been politicised.
Look at the green new deal championed by AOC. Does anybody think that would be a good thing to implement?

It's a vague set of initiatives that at least begins to deal with the problem on the scale it would require. If you have better ideas, we're all ears.

FWIW I don't think groups of humans are intelligent enough to deal with the problem successfully, and the next century will be a series of catastrophes.

I am not claiming to have the answers, just that the way it has been politicised is harmful to people accepting it.

BTW, I do consider global warming/climate change to be a threat to global civilisation. I also think that there is no way to address it without a reduction in population. At least for the foreseeable future.

Mandated vertical farming for all urban areas would be a great start.

Next step is to get rid of industrial pig farms, hen houses and cattle ops. Open grazing and ranching would be OK.

Trees- if you have to cut one down you have to plant two in its place.

Work on better energy sources

I personally prefer free-range meat products but I am not convinced that making it mandatory would be helpfull. Is it feasible to feed our current global population that way?

Alternate power? Maybe tidal should be research funded more, but right now only nuclear looks possible as a carbon reducing option that could be implemented quickly.

I don't eat land animals. And yes, we could easily live without eating as much meat as we do.

The environmental cost of industrial meat farming is too high. Then there is the transportation costs getting it to market.

We need to crack cold fusion. We need to do a better job at harnessing the Sun's radiation.

Nucular (GWB) is OK, too.

Local, local, local- power, food, water

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"Genetic mutations are mistakes"- evolutionary biology

"Genetic mutations aren't mistakes"- Intelligent Design and Timothy Horton

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