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Joe G

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 04 2018,09:18   

Quote (ChemiCat @ Dec. 04 2018,05:43)
Jack, unless you're already one of the regulars (and I never noticed) you might like to check out what's happening at the Reddit DebateEvolution forum. This is not one of the most visited forums but it's making noticeable progress documenting why the controversy is the result of nothing new, just the side effects of overindulgence in something that feels good but requires denial of facts leading to a misinformation led subculture who sees everyone else as an enemy that's out to get them.

Still more peer review by Reddit, it's science all the way, folks!

I'll soon enough be in my winter indoor mode and back to the ID Lab and other things. I did though manage to keep up with what was happening at the Reddit forum. In at least in my opinion I was able to help make it a useful resource to be proud of, instead of ashamed of. Like a heavy load having been taken off my shoulders this change has made everything else I need to get caught up on easier to focus on.

And still more fractured English to... Ah, what's the point? Gaulin is incapable of learning anything about science or language.

As opposed to blind watchmaker's "peer review" via gossip blogs, like this one.

"Facts are Stupid"- Timothy Horton aka Occam's Afterbirth

"Genetic mutations aren't mistakes"-ID and Timothy Horton

Whales do not have tails. Water turns to ice via a molecular code-  Acartia bogart, TARD

YEC is more coherent than materialism and it's bastard child, evolutionism

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