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Quote (k.e.. @ Mar. 23 2018,10:08)
Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 23 2018,15:32)
Quote (k.e.. @ Mar. 22 2018,21:24)
Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 22 2018,17:41)
Quote (k.e.. @ Mar. 22 2018,09:38)
Joe says          
The 160 meter band is of both wavelengths and frequencies. You see you change the wavelength you change the frequency.

So the 160m frequency band is made of wavelengths?

Show your reference.

Yes, each frequency has its very own corresponding wavelength. BTW there isn't any such thing as a 160meter frequency band, dumbass.

It is called the 160 meter band or the 1.8-2MHz frequency band

You're confused joe.

Your reference shows no reference to any wavelength ranges only frequency ranges.

The only time wave bands are mentioned in radio circles is the LWB,MWB and SWB.

Joe said

It is called the 160 meter band or the 1.8-2MHz frequency band

No Joe the band of frequencies between 1.8 & 2MHz ARE the 160m band NOT the 160M band of wavelengths.

You're a retard, ke. 160meter band refers to the wavelength. It also refers to a range of frequencies. Each frequency has its very own corresponding wavelength.

My reference shows the wavelength band and the frequencies that correspond to it.

You, like a retard, called it the 160 meter frequency band. You are not an authority and do not get to say.

In Radio Frequency Engineering terms what is band Joe?....anyone anyone

Is it singluar or plural?


Band or bands?



A band can be also expressed as.....?


A range or a segment of something.

What does the ARRL Handbook say a band is joe ... anyone?

Lets look in the 2011 Glossary shall we Joe.

You know what's coming Joe...

Band — A range of frequencies in the
radio spectrum, usually designated by
approximate wavelength in meters. For
example, 7.0 to 7.3 MHz (megahertz)
is the 40 meter amateur band. Hams are
authorized to transmit on many different

Note Joe no "wavelenght band"

As for authority over 50 years a qualified extra class Amateur operator, RF Engineer, Numerous Wireless Networking Qualifications, Owned an RF products manufacturing business and Government trained in Aviation communications.

What do you have Joe?

A reading problem.

But he can work wonders with a toaster.

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