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If you're problem is with my quoting what Dembski and Meyer and Behe said, then your issue is not with me, but with them.

Perhaps you should talk with them and suggest that they write better.

Of course, we all know the real reason that they say things the way they do. It's because they are talking to two different audiences. When they talk to churchs, they are all full on creationist mode. When they talk to anyone that might report their comments as science, then they are perfectly OK with science.

Honestly, no one has a clue what they actually believe. What we know is that they don't do anything to support their notions of ID and that they talk out both sides of their mouth.

Oh well, Joey is too busy drinking the Cool-Aid to care. Whatever supports his believes is, by his definition, correct. No matter who says it, how it is said, or if there is any evidence to support it. Just like every other creationist I've ever met.

Again, Joey. No one cares about you. You have made yourself so irrelevant that you are back here, bringing up shit we forgot about months ago, just because you are desperate for someone to pay attention to you.

OK, we've paid attention to you. You can go away now.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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