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Quote (Joe G @ April 16 2016,19:29)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Nov. 05 2015,08:32)
The US is going through an amazingly anti-science period... considering that much of modern science was developed or supported through US research and scientists.

I remember how a Republican judge was able to actually look at the evidence and come to a valid conclusion. It gives me small hope for the rest of our country.

History shows a judge that didn't grasp the evidence, was fooled by a literature bluff and ruled beyond his powers.

As Behe has said evolutionism still cannot answer the scientific questions that plague it.

As for anti-science, evolutionism fits that bill

You've thrown that temper tantrum for ten years, Joe. You're still just as ignorant, just as stupid, and just as infantile as when you first threw it. Growth is beyond you. You're pathetic.

Lou FCD is still in school, so we should only count him as a baby biologist. -carlsonjok -deprecated
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