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Quote (Kattarina98 @ Nov. 09 2012,09:25)
Zachriel gets owned by Joe - take that!

Linnean taxonomy was invented by a CREATIONIST named Karl von Linne [sic], aka Carolus Linnaeus. He set up the system when he was trying to determine what were the Created Kinds. The system he used he based on a COMMON DESIGN. Yes, that means the observed objective nested hierarchy amongst metazoans is also based on a common design.

The strange part is many people do not realize any of what I just posted. That is because the high priests of evolutionism have done a good job at hiding that fact. Ya see they stole Linne's idea, ...

I think that was directed at me, since I made a blog post with that same title.

Curiously, JoeG doesn't mention that cladistics, which is what modern taxonomists use, is based on evolutionary relatedness, not "what they look like".  For example, we know that red pandas are weasels, not bears.  Even though they look superficially like tiny (squeeee!) bears.

If things were really based on common DESIGN, then we would have all the flying things in one group, all the swimming things in one group, all the land things in another group.  Because, if you look at the design, a dolphin is much more like a shark than a hippo.

Curiously, of course Linnaeus was a creationist.  He died 80 years before Darwin published.  Dur!

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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